Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Quick Guide To Services For Earning Money Through Your Blog

Have a great blog? Got some visitors? A few links as well? Well that's all you need: and in a few days, you got cash.

Blogs are sometimes a great way to make money, many people are still unaware how easy it is to get it working for you.

You have a few options, the major ones being: 1. Google AdSense, of course! Google is special because its ads are targeted, they are related to your page's content. Google gives you some reasonable income, and pays you per click or per thousand impressions. They work on all types of blogs and are easy to implement and to get started. However, your application takes a week or two, and ads are not always targeted especially for personal blogs.

2. Text Link Ads, what I would say, the AdSense alternative. It's not pay-per-click, they pay you a fixed sum per month, according to your site's rank and traffic, and according to where you place your ads and how many. However, you need a PHP, ASP, ColdFusion or Perl supported hosting package (it doesn't work on Blogger hosted and Typepad blogs currently) so you need to spend. Your application is reviewed by a computer first and it checks your page for traffic, rank, and if you already have any text link ads. After that it goes to an editor for review, they promise within 24 hours. This will usually give you a higher income than Adsense and are less obtrusive than AdSense.

3. Chitika, it's very useful for blogs related to shopping and technology especially, though anyone could use it. I would reccomend the above two over it solely becuase it is usually obtrusive.

4. Amazon Affiliate, these big banner ads are obtrusive, but get you cash. I still recommend the first two.

5. Deals, you can rent out ads on your blog to anyone interested, you could use Adbrite or Text Link Ads or alternatively, to get all the cash, sell it directly.

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