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The Best And Worst Months For Earning Money On Adsense

Do you have the google adsense code on some of your websites? Do you wonder why some months seem to make you a lot more money than others? Are you looking into ways of increasing your adsense earnings? In this article, I write about the type of events which can have a negative affect on your ability to earn money on adsense and what type of month for example you are likely to do better in.

I was advised about the potential benefits of google adsense by a friend of mine, around a year ago. He suggested it could be an easy way to earn a little bit of extra cash each month without doing a great deal of work for it. I already had a couple of websites and decided to take him up on his advice. I was more than impressed with the results, the two domains in question were well established however and were quite well placed in the search engines. My friend warned me that it is not so easy to make as much money with a new site as it takes quite a long time for the search engines to trust each new site, this is where the sandbox comes in of course. I understood what he was saying but I still wanted many more sites, they would not be new forever was my attitude.

A year later, I now have quite a large portfolio of websites which are mainly health related and are what are called information portals. Over the next couple of years I am planning to add a lot more sites to this portfolio as I have been very pleased with the results from adsense so far. I am not trying to say that I make enough money to retire on, but I am looking at the whole thing as a long term project, as the domains mature and with a lot more promotion of each site, I am confident that within a few years I will not only be making a lot more money on adsense but that I will have a portfolio worth thousands. It is like real estate in my eyes and there would be many people interested in taking the sites off my hands. It would give them a ready made income without having to start from scratch like I did. I have to say that there is no way that I would sell however, why would I? I suppose every man has his price though.

What my friend has noticed is that in some months you earn a lot more money than in other months. There has just been a big football tournament taking place, the world cup. This is the type of event which has a negative affect on the adsense earnings. Any event or situation which is likely to resort to less people sitting in front of their computer is going to result in a drop in your adsense earnings.

For these reasons August, July, June and December are likely to be the worst performing months. March, April, October and November are likely to be the best performing months.

If you notice a drop in your adsense earnings over the summer months do not panic, keep promoting your site in the usual ways and just sit back and wait for the winter to begin. Enjoy the summer while it lasts of course.

Make Money Online: Earning the Easiest Way

Since the computer and internet were discovered, most people have been attempting to earn big bucks from this venue. Although many have succeeded, still many are trying and wishing for their luck to change.

Many frauds and scams are now out there giving you false hopes about instant riches for a hundred dollars or so only. They will even provide you with evidences, testimonies and bank accounts to show that their schemes really work. Yea, maybe it works for them but for them only. When they already got what they want from you, they will disappear in an instant. So, be alert and cautious when dealing with strangers who promise you instant wealth.

However, this does not mean that you should refrain yourself from making any money online. There are ways which you can use to make legitimate money online.

If you want to create a business, you should prepare yourself for a series of working and studying. And of course, you will have to prepare yourself with lots of patience. Not everything in this world happens in just a snap of the finger. It all goes with a process.

Many people do an online business through writing. And one of the famous is writing website content and articles. You can also write news sheets or e-zine and maybe an e-book. All of these are popular and fast earning businesses online. Although they may not make you bill gates-rich, they can provide you with some extra cash.

However, if writing is not your forte, you can always engage yourself in other businesses available online. But do not forget to make first a website of your own. This can be a bit costly if you don't know how, but with good promotion, your site will possibly open many online business opportunities that will soon lead you to your riches.

You can use your website to advertise your own products or other persons' products. There are companies who provide good commissions on their products through affiliate marketing. Although this is true, choose the one that will be complimentary to your own website.

There are many options for you to choose from and none of them are instant.

Could You be Earning Money by Writing Short Articles ?

Why Write Articles ?
Simply put - they will get you seen and get you traffic. The number one key to success is consistency. Your articles need to be written regularly, distributed widely and all point to one location with an enticing signature line.

Where to Start
There are many ways to write an article. perhaps the easiest and the best are the quick tips and numbers articles.
Here are some examples -
5 Quick and Easy Way to Make Spring Bouquets The 7 Secrets of Earning Money on the Internet 3 Quick and Easy Ways to Write a Review 10 Top Tips for Buying a Domain Name

Write about what you know, make it human, natural and original and you'll be off to a good start.

There are some great articles about writing articles to be found on the internet, and some great products too. I've reviewed a few myself and have a couple of firm favourites that have really helped me out. Sometimes with direct tips and at other times for some moral support to keep at it.

Articles don't need to be long. In fact, they're more likely to get picked up if they're not. This is the age of information overload. Short (250-500 words), and sweet (easy to understand and clearly presented) articles are what people are looking for.

Follow Me! Every article you write should have a good signature line. And it needs to contain 3 things: something about you, an irresistible invitation to your website, and a link to your website.

Your sig. line is an invitation over to your web place. Come to my site for... what do you have to offer?

Free advice? Articles? Product reviews? Free ebooks? These are all good things to invite people to take a look at.

See my signature line below and you'll get the idea, it follows the same 3 step formula - about me, my invitation to visit my site, and my link.

Once you've written your article you need to submit it. It's easily done, simply set up a free account somewhere like and follow the steps to submit your article. From there it will get plenty of reads and may well get picked up for inclusion in some ezines too. The more you write, the more you'll benefit.

Where the Money Comes In So articles and a good signature line will direct free traffic to your website. But how do you earn money once people get there?

I have 2 favourite ways, and here they are...

1. Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the system that lets you display Pay Per Click (PPC) ads on your website. When visitors click on them, you earn somewhere between a couple of cents and a dollar every time, depending on the value of the ad they click.
Tip! However, we ought to understand that successfully earning money on internet via any online business form not only will require some selling activities, it also needs other related supporting business activities. Whether it is in form of selling product or providing service, the money is still very much generated by form of “Selling”.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a way of earning money by selling other people's products. The place to go to find out more is Clickbank, the number one affiliate program. The product? ebooks. Clickbank authors usually pay between 20-60% to affiliates who induce a sale via a link to the product sales page.

Start Earning Money Now

You need to be able to recieve money on the web , sell easy and buy safely.All that just in easy clicks. It is free and easy,you need not to have credit card and just in few clicks you can recieve payments and donations ,sell any product and buy safely without hazards of credit cards.

So where I create an account?

Well there are some reliable websites offer these service ,the most famous and reliable are paypal and stormpay. paypal is more famous but stormpay is better why? storm pay is very good esp for newbies as: 1- It is easy in use. 2- Accept accounts from nearly all countries of the world. 3- Have one of the best affiliate programs around. 4- Sell directly through stormpay auctions. 5- If you have a bank account or a credit card you can link it with stormpay to witdraw or fund. 6- Stormpay is safer and very difficult to be hacked. 7- You can integrate it into your web site to sell your products , services or recieve donations.

The amazing one is (stormclix),it is a section of stormpay where you see some banners, every banner you click opens a web site just browse it for 20 seconds and you get money at the same time added to your stormpay account, you get between $0.01 to $4 perclick(just click and earn money),the amazing is that you see your money grows in seconds at every click and of course you can witdraw it or buy with it. All that is free(the fees is for withdrawing and it is acceptable) Click here to register for free With this we finished the first step in earning money.

A Quick Guide To Services For Earning Money Through Your Blog

Have a great blog? Got some visitors? A few links as well? Well that's all you need: and in a few days, you got cash.

Blogs are sometimes a great way to make money, many people are still unaware how easy it is to get it working for you.

You have a few options, the major ones being: 1. Google AdSense, of course! Google is special because its ads are targeted, they are related to your page's content. Google gives you some reasonable income, and pays you per click or per thousand impressions. They work on all types of blogs and are easy to implement and to get started. However, your application takes a week or two, and ads are not always targeted especially for personal blogs.

2. Text Link Ads, what I would say, the AdSense alternative. It's not pay-per-click, they pay you a fixed sum per month, according to your site's rank and traffic, and according to where you place your ads and how many. However, you need a PHP, ASP, ColdFusion or Perl supported hosting package (it doesn't work on Blogger hosted and Typepad blogs currently) so you need to spend. Your application is reviewed by a computer first and it checks your page for traffic, rank, and if you already have any text link ads. After that it goes to an editor for review, they promise within 24 hours. This will usually give you a higher income than Adsense and are less obtrusive than AdSense.

3. Chitika, it's very useful for blogs related to shopping and technology especially, though anyone could use it. I would reccomend the above two over it solely becuase it is usually obtrusive.

4. Amazon Affiliate, these big banner ads are obtrusive, but get you cash. I still recommend the first two.

5. Deals, you can rent out ads on your blog to anyone interested, you could use Adbrite or Text Link Ads or alternatively, to get all the cash, sell it directly.

Affiliate Marketing - How to Start Earning Money Today

If you're new to Affiliate Marketing and your finding everything that your learning is a little "mind blowing" but really want to start making money today then here is the quickest way to get results.
First, I would begin with using ClickBank. They have a gazillion affiliate programs to choose from. If you don't already have a ClickBank account then you can get one for free at

We aren't going to bother making a website or anything like that; I'm going to show you the quickest short-cut to earning the money today.

Now once you've signed up with ClickBank we're going to go to the button "Promote Products"

Finding your first product to affiliate with I would suggest you go for a topic that you know something about. This will make writing your Google Ad much easier.

Search for a subject that you know a little bit about. I would also recommend choosing a product where you will make at least $20 for the sale.

Of course first, I want to be sure that there is a market for this product, I want to check to see if people are searching for it. So I'm going to head over to overture And place in the keyword of the product I think I would like to promote.

If the keyword is being searched over on Overture a decent amount then I know there is a market for this product.

Now I'm going to see if the salescopy (website) is up to scratch.
Does the header draw you in and make you want to read more? Yes
Does it have believable testimonials? Yes
Is the offer genuine and believable? Yes
Does it have visuals of the product? Yes (not a requirement for myself)
Does it have Free Bonus's? Yes (also not a requirement for me to promote it but definitely adds value)
Are they offering a money back guarantee? Yes

I would definitely promote this website. So now I need to set up a Google Adwords campaign. This is now going to be the hardest work of it all. As you can see everything else we've done so far is a breeze.

If you're not sure on how to set up a Google campaign I show illustrations on how to do this in my book "Affiliate Marketing - Quick Start Guide". If you don't already have this book you can get it for free by signing up to my newsletter at

Because this is a digital download (they all are through ClickBank, ClickBank only deals in digital products) and if the subject refers to people worldwide I would promote this globally in my Google Adwords campaign.

Now you need to write your ad that will bring people to want to click on it. Say if I was promoting a product that shows people how to play the guitar… I would test a heading like: Learn to Play Guitar (in this subject line I've used the main keyword they've probably searched for "guitar" and I've suggested what this site will teach you "Learn to Play".

Next is setting up your keywords. I use either or wordtracker to help me find keywords for this product.

You will want to come up with around 200 to 300 keywords. I generally try to find keywords with little competition, this way I pay less per click.

You ad should be activated in around 10 minutes. You can check this by typing one of your keywords into Google and look for your ad. - Joanne King

Earning Money as a Poker Affiliate: Rewarding Patience

The cleverest thing about becoming an online poker affiliate is the way in which your earnings can spread and increase over time. Unlike in most industries where you may get a one of payment or percentage of a single transaction, in the online poker industry the affiliate can receive a percentage of a player's lifetime money. Estimates suggest that the average poker player lasts around 6 months on a site, but depending on the people you can attract the amount of money generated in whatever lifetime they have on a site can be hugely different.

Of course for any poker affiliate the greatest result is a player who remains on the site for a long period of time, playing constantly with as much money as possible. But the reality is these kinds of players are fairly rare, but that is not to say that there is no profit to be made, far from it. In an affiliate program it does not take much to earn large sums of money and this is particularly prevalent in online poker. Attracting one player a day may not sound like much, but it is actually quite a high figure for any affiliate site. If even the smallest affiliate could get this kind of business they would soon realise just how much they can make.

Of course when you start any business from scratch things usually start slowly, even for the likes of Bill Gates and Donald Trump. Every business must start somewhere and this is no different in the affiliate marketing game. Profits may begin very low, but attracting 1 person a day things will soon pick up. Just 50 poker members in any site can generate a substantial amount of money, so imagine what 100, 200 or even more can create. With poker sites creating money each and every time a player plays a hand and not just when they lose, it is easy to see why and how many can build. Each player may only generate a small amount each day, but it is through large numbers of people creating just a few dollars here and there that an affiliate can earn huge sums.

It doesn't take a Nobel Laureate Mathematician to work out that 100 people generating just 3 dollars each a day for a single affiliate will add up to sum of $300. Making $2100 a week and $8400 a month. This is not a fanciful figure many professional affiliates on the Internet earn between $30,000 and $50,000 each month. Whilst the resources may not be available for everyone to achieve this, it is still possible, which should supply any new affiliate with a goal and a sense of purpose.

Top Earning Make Money Idea Has Made Many Rich Online

One of the reasons why many people have completely missed the top earning make money idea on the net is because it does not require any cash investment.

Yet this top earning make money idea has made so many online entrepreneurs rich beyond their wildest dreams. For many others this simple top earning make money idea has given them a steady respectable income in return for doing only a few hours work each day. But let me make it clear here that to reach that stage where the entrepreneur needs to put in only a few hours daily, calls for a lot of long hours and hard work initially. Yes, there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Still what is a few weeks of very hard work in return for a lifetime income with this top earning make money idea? It is definitely very much worth this little initial sacrifice.

Let me also say that this top earning make money idea is so simple and easy to do that that many of those who those who finally get to make it using it always wonder why they never figured it all out earlier.

All you need to make this top earning make money idea work is a free blog and relevant affiliate links.
Tip! So get started right now! Make a decision today to start using the power of focus to achieve the success of earning money online.

Learn more about this make money strategy from a blogger who is using it to rake in thousands of dollars... and growing.Or subscribe to his email newsletter with plenty of case studies that will help you maximize on your affiliate earnings.

Branding Your Business To Make More Money

Branding your comapny should be the first thing a company does. You have to convince potential customers to buy from you. Very few people have a monopoly like Microsoft or Ebay, Everyone else need to steer business to their company or product. When people think about your company, what is their impression. For my company, Solutions Ink, I wanted to portray a fresh, professional, ease of use type of company whoose product meets their quality needs while helping their business. I wanted to portray Solutions Ink as always on the fore front of the printing and promotional product industry's.

To achieve this I needed to tell potential customers of new and innovative products for the printing industry. Variable data, large format digital printing, digital printing with pantone colors, label and form combinations, magnet and form combinations and e-commerce ordering systems. How best to show customers then actually devise a campaign where the product you are trying to educate your customers about is sent out to them to give them ideas how to use this product to help their businesses. One campaign I organised was to compile a list of fashion retailers whoose logo's were specific pantone colors that are not reproduced well in 4 color process printing. Today with 6,8 and 10 color presses you can print in 4 color process and 2 pantone colors quite easily. This keeps the integrity of the company's logo intact in their big marketing or flyer campaigns. This is OK for large run printing jobs. The problem is that even for large chains, you tend to have regional sales in a small amount of stores. In store displays usually are done in small numbers and are printed digitally. Today there are certain digital presses that can insert pantone colors on top of the 4 color process printing. After devising a mock up campaign and targetting by variable data the buyers of these retail fashion chains, I was able to secure 2 large accounts for present and future business.

This technique can be applied to any industry. The key is to really now your product and the strengths of your company. The next step is to educate your customers on your company's merits. Then you must reinforce your image constantly to stay in your existing customers mind, as well as peak the curiousity of potential new customers.

Once you have achieved this, giving out promotional products is a useful way of staying on their minds. The trick is to find a great promotional product, that fits you budget, is useful to the end user and doesn't shout your name too boldly. Humour is a great way to have your customers keep your stuff. The items seen most times for an office person are calendars and coffee mugs. To be different in the Montreal Promotional Product market, Solutions Ink sent out to all existing customers a 14 ounze special mug which was imprinted with thermochromic ink. The ink is heat sensitive and evaporates on heat and returns on cold. With this you can print something underneath the thermochromic ink which is revealed when cold. On the outside we simply put the word STRESS in red over a black background. Most people who work know about stress. The humour side was that when you poured your hot coffee the message turned into stress free at Solutions Ink. A simple inexpensive idea that our customers really enjoyed and every time I stop at one of their offices I readily spot our mugs. On top of this I received 4 orders from these customers for these mugs with a different message for their customers.

Another great way for your company to be branded positively is to become associated with a worth while charity. Today we must give back to those less fortunate. Sponsering an event gives your company great exposure but the real treat is in knowing that you've helped others. Money is not the end all, all the time. A funny thing, helping others usually rewards yourself if not immediately some time in the future.
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